On May 3, voters can ensure the opposition has a louder voice in the Town Hall

Friday, 6th April 2018

Leila and Mohamed with Yvette

Yvette Mahon, left, a landlord who found a home for Syrian refugees Leila Naanaa and husband Mohamed under a scheme run by the council with Home Office support. The Greens say the idea was theirs

• GARY Heather may blithely dismiss the need for an opposition on Islington Council, (What has opposition to say on cuts? March 30).

But residents all over Islington recognise the need to prevent a one-party state, and see the excuses Islington Labour is constructing as shallow.

Time and time again it has been Islington Greens holding Labour to account. Gary may forget, but for many years his party supported austerity.

It was only the Green Party that rejected cuts to local government, when countless Labour MPs and shadow ministers supported their continuation.

This has essentially been the dynamic for the last four years: Labour defensively rejecting calls to action from the Green Party until they see sense and accept.

In the council chamber, Labour councillors mocked Councillor Caroline Russell for suggesting taking in Syrian refugees and laughed at her suggestion of using private rental sector homes for them. Four years later they are proudly proclaiming this as their idea.

They also endlessly delayed decisions on proper cycle storage and have missed the Transport for London funding that neighbouring boroughs took up. Eventually, they saw sense, but it took the Green Party to push and cajole for action.

On May 3, voters can ensure the opposition has a louder voice in the Town Hall. Only the Green Party can provide that opposition.

Green Party candidate, Highbury East

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