Councillor Claudia Webbe calls for cycle lane at Old Street roundabout

Friday, 8th April 2011


Published: 8th April, 2011

A CALL to provide a safe route for cyclists to avoid the dangerous Old Street roundabout has been welcomed.

Labour’s Claudia Webbe, ward councillor for Bunhill, is hoping that Islington council will install a two-way dedicated cycle lane in Bunhill Row so that cyclists going to and from the City can avoid the busy roundabout, the scene of a number of accidents.

The Islington Cycling Action group have been campaigning for the dedicated lane for some time. Currently many cyclists break the law and risk injury by riding down one-way Bunhill Row in the wrong direction. Cllr Webbe said: “I’m hoping that money can be made available for this important project which will ultimately save lives. Anyone who has cycled around Old Street roundabout knows how dangerous it is.”

Cllr Webbe is also supporting a residents campaign to stop plans for a development by Southern Housing which would overshadow historic Bunhill burial ground and block out the light of many homes in Featherstone Street. She added: “I am appealing to the architects to go back to the drawing board and let us have a scheme that does not remove light from homes.”

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