EU elections: Liberal Democrats clinch victory in Islington

'We're back,' says Lib Dem activists as they take 29 per cent of vote

Sunday, 26th May 2019 — By Calum Fraser


Lib Dem Party activists Kate Pothalingam and Pierre Delarue celebrate victory at the Town Hall 

THE LIBERAL Democrats have clinched victory in Islington as the European election results were announced tonight (Sunday).

Lib Dem party activists have claimed this could be the beginning of a “shift” in the borough with voters moving away from the Labour party who hold all but one seat in the Town Hall.

The Labour Party picked up about 28 per cent of the vote with 19,017 while the Lib Dems received about 29 per cent of the vote with 19,890.

European election results announced in Islington Town Hall tonight (Sunday)

Kate Pothalingam, the Lib Dem’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Islington South, said: “It is wonderful if this represents people making a shift in Islington.

“You hope this is an indication that voters are prepared to consider voting for another party, and maybe they will consider voting for us again in the future – in the London elections, general elections or local elections. We’re back.”

A concerted effort was made by the Lib Dems to make ground in the borough with the party’s leader Sir Vince Cable making two appearances here while on the campaign trail.

The Tribune understands that the Lib Dems picked up more votes in the south of the borough while wards in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency remained more loyal to the Labour party leader and his party.

Council leader Richard Watts said: “I think that clearly it was always going to be a difficult election for us.

“To be honest, for it to be that close, given everything, it is not as disappointing as it might have been.

“There remains a very big Labour vote in Islington that we worked very hard on polling day to get out, and it did.

“There’s a lot of people who saw this as a one-off opportunity to have their say on a single issue.”

The Green received 13,047 votes, which is about 20 per cent of the turnout.

Green Party activist Benali Hamdache said: “The results today show that voters are really disappointed by Labour’s Brexit position, they have chosen parties that have a clear and unequivocal position for Remain.”

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