Greens best placed to challenge Islington’s one-party state

Friday, 11th May 2018

• ANOTHER round of council elections and on the surface little has changed. Once again we wake up with Islington Council dominated by one party, with only one opposition Green councillor.

For the last four years we’ve clearly seen the problems with such a one-sided council. Council resources have been used improperly to organise secret Labour meetings.

Council lawyers have incorrectly tried to gag the opposition councillor on speaking out on Fabric’s closure. Residents on Highbury’s estates and users of Sotheby Mews Day Centre have felt ignored and poorly treated over threats of closure and inaction on chronic damp.

It’s clear that Labour must not use its electoral success to continue in the same manner. An unfair electoral system has given Labour 98 per cent of the seats on 61 per cent of the votes.

Labour had to send masses of resources, with senior councillors running around into the late hours of Election Day, to prevent a Green opposition being elected in Highbury East.

Islington Green Party will continue to work hard to hold the council to account. We were only 73 votes away from having a Green group on the council.

We remain the party best placed to challenge the one-party state and ensure proper scrutiny. Caroline Russell, with her substantial vote increase in Highbury East, has a huge personal mandate to lead that charge.

Islington Green Party

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