Room for flats above Sotheby Mews Centre

Friday, 20th July 2018


Jeremy Corbyn listens to campaigners trying to save Sotheby Mews Day Centre 

• THE pensioners who called on Jeremy Corbyn to help save Sotheby Mews Day Centre are campaigning to protect a much-loved facility which has been their dedicated “safe haven” for many years, (Highbury pensioners’ plea to Corbyn: ‘Save our day centre’, July 13).

The council’s plan to close it and relocate its provision to Highbury Roundhouse fails to recognise that the centre is more than just a building and a collection of council-funded services.

Your article suggests that the centre users aren’t against affordable homes and would back plans to build new flats above their centre.

The message to Islington council is clear. Islingtonians all recognise the importance of social housing, but if the council wants support from residents it needs to make sure any redevelopment protects and benefits the existing community too.

Mr Corbyn hoped it would be possible to find common ground to allow the development to go forward without a fight. Building flats above a community centre sounds like a good starting point.

Islington Green Party

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