Singing florist Natasha Boon eliminated from X-Factor

Fans upset not to see 27-year-old's final performance after it was cut from ITV broadcast

Thursday, 4th October 2018 — By Helen Chapman

natasha boon

A SINGING florist who made it to one of the final stages of the X Factor was left heartbroken after being eliminated without her performance even being shown on television.

Fans of the ITV talent contest were left wondering what had happened to Natasha Boon after following her through the audition heats.

The 27-year-old did take part in the “Six Chair Challenge” and was seen on screen backstage, but her song was not broadcast over the weekend.

“In my eyes I did myself justice,” said Ms Boon, who runs Natasha’s Flowers next to Kentish Town underground station. “I really sang well. My sister, mum and cousins were in the audience and just gasped when they heard I didn’t get through. “I said to Simon Cowell, ‘Is there anything else I can do?’ He asked me to sing a bit of Alicia Keys but it didn’t even make it on the TV.”

The Six Chair Challenge draws millions of viewers, but critics say it puts entertainment ahead of fair treatment of the contestants who see their hopes raised and dashed as places in the next round are granted but in some cases then taken away. Those who succeed gain the prize of going away to the judges’ houses.

Ms Boon said: “On the up side, I’ve had emails all week saying ‘is this the girl from Kentish Town on the X Factor, can I get some flowers delivered?’ I’ve ended up with a new story.” She added: “I’m proper gutted I didn’t get to go all the way. I am my own worst critic but I think I did well to get that far. I don’t think they realised the support I would have got. I think I was seen as the underdog.”

Since the show, Ms Boon has been contacted by producers and record labels showing an interest in taking her singing career further.

“I don’t know whether I would go on X Factor again,” she added. “It can really knock your belief in yourself. But The Voice is always a possibility. The music dream is not over, it has only just started.”

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