Student’s nipple almost ripped off after ‘pit bull-type’ dog is unleashed by thugs outside Patrick Coman House

Friday, 29th October 2010


Published: 29 October, 2010

A GANG of thugs unleashed a “pit bull-type” dog on a young student, who suffered horrific injuries in a savage attack.

The dog hunted down its victim and ripped off half his nipple after he fled from four hooligans on an estate in Finsbury.

The young man ran across a busy street chased by the animal, which pounced and bit him in the face and chest.

A shocked eye witness said: “The dog went mad and the poor young man was screaming, ‘Get it off. Please get it off’.”

The attack took place as Islington Council plans a public meeting to discuss residents’ fears about dog attacks throughout the borough.

“One of the issues which residents repeatedly raise with the council is dangerous dogs,” said a council spokesman.

Concern will mount with news of the latest vicious attack, which took place outside Patrick Coman House in St John Street in the small hours of Sunday morning.

Two students were confronted by three men, a woman and their two “pit bull-type” dogs in the foyer of Wyclif Court on the opposite side of the road, said Islington Police.

As a row escalated, the thugs started pushing and hitting the students, believed to be from the King’s College univer­sity in the Strand.

The pair, aged 20 and 21, fled across St John Street and the thugs let loose one of the dogs.

The eye witness, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: “The door of Wyclif Court was opened and the dog ran after them, across the road, and jumped on the man. He tried to defend himself and was punching it in the face but he was still being attacked.”

A police statement said: “He had part of his nipple bitten off and sustained several puncture wounds to his body and face.”

The other student was also savaged by the dog, which inflicted “puncture wounds, and scratches to his stomach, left leg and arm”.

The pair eventually escaped, flagged down a police car and were taken to an east London hospital, where the one whose nipple was bitten underwent surgery.

The anonymous witness said the attack dog was still at large in the area – although its owner had put on a muzzle.   She has contacted police about the incident.

Police have appealed for other witnesses to call Pc Kirk Seymour at Islington CID on 020 7421 0176 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Residents will be asked if Islington Council should introduce compulsory licensing and microchipping in a bid to curb the threat from the dangerous dogs at the public meeting on Thursday (November 4).

Barbara Sidnell, executive member for community safety, said irresponsible owners would be less likely to licence and microchip their animals so the measure would make it easier to identify the rogue element.

The meeting touted as the “Safer Islington Debate” will be held between 7pm and 9pm at the Assembly Hall in Upper Street.

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