160,000 people should not be choosing the next prime minister

Friday, 22nd July

Boris Johnson resigning July 7 2022

Boris Johnson

• AT the risk of sounding out of touch and selfish but I do not think that 160,000 people should be choosing who the next prime minister should be.

This has exposed all that is wrong and also defective with our political system.

It does not apply just to the Conservative party but it has exposed the soft underbelly of the Tories for all to see.

They are a party without morals, happy to lie and twist the truth and – yes – ignore any benefit or damage to our country so long as they or the party can benefit.

All this parading of the flag and Britannia is meaningless. They only care about lining the pockets of themselves and the rich Conservative donors.

I could name names of people, but we all know from Boris Johnson who these people are and how many millions they have paid in donations to the Conservative party.

Johnson was handing out titles and awards to those filling the Conservative party bank account but he was not alone.

My point is not that the Johnson government was rotten and corrupt but that the whole system was always wide open to corruption.

It took Johnson to expose how corrupt our political system is. I would state that instead of sacking Johnson he should be rewarded.

He is not fit to hold public office and should be banned from every office there is but we all have to see “the fault is in ourselves, Dear Brutus” not just in our stars and (governments).

Britain has a political system based on the morals of lords and dukes of two centuries ago, a union of church and state and Englishman and his castle.

How many people do you know who have a castle or team of horses? I do not and do not know anyone who has; nor do most people.

This is the same with Conservative party leadership contest. You will not see any of them shopping in Tesco or Sainsbury’s or taking their washing to the laundrette.

Rishi, Kemi and Penny and Liz for all their pretending do not live like you and me. They do not look for yellow reduced labels on chiller shelves.

They do not cross off what they can afford to buy and leave the rest until next pay day. That is how most of us live.

I read a study that showed that more than 40 per cent of working people are living one pay day from debt and ruin.

The candidates have not been talking about 20 to 30 per cent rent rises and petrol prices at £1.95 a litre, and electricity up by 70 per cent.

In fact they keep pretending that they have all the solutions to how badly the government has been run and only they can make things better. They have been in government for 12 years and created all the problems in the first place.

We have a broken political system and the sad fact is that until we decide to take action to
fix it, and change it, and bring in a constitution that gives power to people who are not liars and large party donors, nothing will change.

That is why whoever wins the contest becomes the new prime minister, I fear, nothing will change.

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