Art club launch aims to raise funds to help with people’s mental health

Friday, 3rd September 2021

Lydia Rose

Lydia Rose

A NEW community arts organisation is hosting a launch event to raise funds for their project supporting people’s mental health.

Artist Lydia Rose, who set up Allie’s Art Club, said: “I think over the pandemic people have been isolated, so many people have lost their jobs, they’ve been worried about their health and they’ve lost so many people as well.”

She added: “Mental health is the sort of the basis for all health and wellbeing so I think it’s such a crucial and important issue to tackle.”

The art club is named after Allie, who died aged 17 from cancer, and lived next door to Ms Rose. Her family set up the Alexandra Wiley Tower Foundation in Archway in her memory, a charity working to improve child poverty. They also help run a food bank at the Ringcross Community Centre.

Ms Rose volunteered for the charity for a number of years before ramping up her volunteering efforts over the pandemic at the food bank.

She said: “I’ve also struggled with my mental health over the pandemic and I’ve met other people at the food bank and friends. There’s not enough out there to support people. I’ve read a lot about the sort of science of how arts and creative expression is so good for people’s mental health, it allows you to express yourself, release any pent up emotions and process them. It also helps you relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself and connect with other people which are really important for mental health and well being.”

The Allie’s Art Club launch event will take place on September 4 at the Ringcross Community Centre, Lough Road and will include both a visual arts fair and a performing arts show.

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