Bills crisis: national rally set to ‘demand better’

Friday, 27th May — By Anna Lamche

TUC IMG_20220521_125321991_HDR_2

Trade unionists and Labour Party members at the Angel to promote the rally

ANYONE who has “had enough” of rising prices and stagnating wages will have the opportunity to voice their concerns during a national “We Demand Better” rally in June.

On Saturday, a large group of trade unionists and Labour Party members descended at the Angel to raise awareness of a national protest against the cost of living crisis next month, on June 18.

“The response showed that many local people – as our petition stated – have had enough,” said Ken Muller of the National Education Union.

Called by the Trades Union Council, the June 18 protest will “demand better” from the government.

Mr Muller said: “Everything is going up but our wages. Food prices and rents are rising. Benefits are cut. Public services are run down. Most of us are getting poorer while energy company profits balloon and the rich are getting richer.

“Boris Johnson partied while people died. Now the Tories do nothing while our living standards plummet.

“We will be joining the march of 18 June to demand better. Energy bills should be frozen. Pay rises should at least match inflation. And the £20 universal benefit cut should be restored. We also want the government to stop scapegoating refugees who are not the cause of the problems most of us are facing.

“We plan to continue today’s campaigning with a similar event at the Nag’s Head in Holloway Road on Saturday, 11 June and with a protest rally outside Islington Town Hall from 5-6pm two days before, on Thursday, 9 June.”

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