Bollards will slow Amwell Street cyclists on morning commute

Friday, 17th August 2018

• A SIMPLE solution to the terror inflicted on Amwell Street residents two hours a day by people who go to work in the morning on bikes – I doubt that people cycling uphill in the evening after work inflict much terror – is putting bollards as close as possible to one another across the road, (Cyclists use Amwell Street four hours out of 24… but we live here, August 3).

Amwell Street is rather wide and free of obstacles, and as enough room has to be left for disabled cycles to go through, that is a spacing of 1.5 metres. People on bikes will then be forced to slow down and try not to crash against the bollards.

With traffic-calming, house prices go up too. That is why Labour councillors make sure the roads where they live are closed off to rat-running (Huntingdon Street, for instance).

And with traffic-calming, shops sell more of their stuff, because the people who hang around in the vicinity are relaxed and get into the mood to spend money.

Cultivating motor traffic in Amwell Street for decades has failed anyway, so local shops may just as well try the formula that is successful everywhere else.

When Councillor Claudia Webbe, Islington’s transport executive member, has a minute spare from the Labour National Executive will she consider instituting the experimental traffic order, in consultation with residents of Amwell Street and surrounding area, which campaigners are asking for?

Wedmore Gardens, N19

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