Broadband is not for everyone, it seems

Thursday, 4th August

• I HAVE an issue with Islington Council and G.Network that may be of interest, as it affects many council-owned street properties across the borough.

G.Network have been digging up the streets in Islington for almost two years to install their fibre network.

In this time Islington Council did not have the foresight to come to an agreement with them on the installation of their network into the street properties they own.

It seems ridiculous that the council could be aware of the lengthy disruption to roads in the borough, and not plan for their residents to be able to benefit from the new infrastructure once the works were completed.

I was notified that G.Network had switched on my road back in March 2022. When I signed up, they said that there was a block on all council-owned properties, meaning that leaseholders such as me, as well as council tenants, living in street properties cannot access the fibre internet, while those living in similar neighbouring properties but privately owned could benefit from day one.

I have made enquiries to both Islington Council and to G.Network recently, and neither are able to say how much longer it will be to make an agreement, although it does not sound like it will be any time soon.

G.Network told me I should consider taking out a new contract with my current internet provider. I hope that this might be relevant to some Tribune readers.

Arundel Square, N7

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