Café survives to see its 7th birthday

Customers raised more than £21,500 to keep Lizzy’s On The Green in business

Friday, 17th July 2020

Lizzy’s On The Green

Staff at Lizzy’s On The Green have thanked customers for ‘pay it forward’ donations

A POPULAR café in Newington Green is celebrating its seventh birthday after narrowly avoiding going under during the coronavirus crisis.

Lizzy Bassham, who runs Lizzy’s On The Green, was left wondering whether her business would survive after she fell through the cracks in government rescue funding by virtue of being run from a kiosk – and therefore not liable for business rates.

In desperation, she turned to her customers, and they responded by raising more than £21,500 through pay it forward donations.

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people supporting us, and we’re relieved to be back serving safely,” said Ms Bassham.

“We’ve raised enough to cover the events we had to cancel over the summer, which we would usually rely on, such as Jazz on the Green. I can’t thank everyone who donated enough.”

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