Cally pub seeks to raise the bar as it makes a fresh start

Friday, 29th April — By Geeta Wedderburn

Manuela and Nicky Deangelo at Kennedy's pub

Manuela and Nicky Deangelo who work at Kennedy’s

A TRADITIONAL pub in Caledonian Road is under new manage­ment and Chloe Fernandez is in search of young talent to fill her new Friday night DJ slots and monthly band nights.

Kennedy’s Pub is surrounded by student halls which Ms Fernandez wants to tap into. “If there are any students who are musicians or DJs, it would be great if you could get in contact,” she said. “It’s all about giving everyone opportunities.

“You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

The Irish pub has had the same owner – and regulars – for 16 years, but Ms Fernandez arrived just two months ago as its new manager.

During the day her “bread and butter” comes from her old boys who nurse afternoon pints. But the evenings much quieter – even on the weekends. “Unless the football or racing is on,” said Ms Fernandez.

She fears rising prices are putting people off. “I remember going out with a score and still coming back with change. Now that’ll only get you two drinks!”

But Ms Fernandez said that if she can get more students and customers in during the evenings, then she can start offering “good deals and make more accommodations to help out in some sort of way.”

“I don’t want to change this place too much,” she added.

“I just want to make everyone happy. It would be nice to hear some feedback from people, too.”

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