Can you help find a home for unsold Logan brooch?

Mental health charity need help with raffling brooch

Friday, 25th March — By Charlotte Chambers

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HE is a famously flamboyant gay sculptor and artist who invented the Alternative Miss World competition and moved in circles with the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood.

So when Andrew Logan – a contemporary of Zandra Rhodes and David Hockney – donated a one-of-a-kind brooch to Islington Mind, there were high hopes that it would fetch a pretty penny at auction and help fund vital services.

The mental health charity were even more delighted when Hampstead-based auctioneers Dawsons – perhaps more usually accustomed to selling Rolex watches and diamonds – agreed to auction the glittering rainbow brooch free of charge.

But that joy turned to disappointment however, when the brooch – which Mr Logan described as “wearable sculpture” – failed to sell.

Jane Moody is Islington Mind’s receptionist at their headquarters in Archway and the person who sweet-talked the artist into handing over the valuable piece while she was on an “exploring” holiday with a friend in Wales and came across his “magical” museum.

Explaining why the piece may not have sold, she said: “Andrew Logan is a well-known artist and sculptor but his art work is quite niche so maybe his brooch didn’t blend with the type of people [who attended the auction]. Dawson’s said it wasn’t their usual thing because it’s quite niche but they said they’d try and sell it and unfortunately it didn’t.”

She added that the charity are now “stuck” and are appealing to Tribune readers to come up with suggestions. A raffle could be organised.

Describing how she met Mr Logan at his museum, Ms Moody said: “One minute I’m looking at a statue and the next he’s actually come in to speak to me, which was lovely. We had a 15-minute chat.”

Mr Logan gave Ms Moody a choice of which piece she wanted for the charity. She chose the rainbow because it represented “optimism” and reflected their work within the LGBTQ+ community. The artist first became well known in the art world in the 1970s when he launched Alternative Miss World, which is still run by him and draws on a large drag queen fanbase.

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