Catch a smile and a nice piece of fish; life at the market deli and fruits of experience

Thursday, 3rd August 2017 — By Aleesha Hansel

People_Paul Christodoulou

Paul Christodoulou, 42, has worked in Ocean Wave Fisheries in Holloway for 27 years and has owned it for 13. He thinks the area has changed, but the customers are what make it still a special place to be. “This is their shop,” he says. “When they come in they know they will get a chat, a smile and nice piece of fish.”

Sonay Gol, 44, has owned a deli in Nags Head Market for three months after 16 years of being a house­wife. She loves the community between the stall holders and meet­ing people from all walks of life. “I have so many names to remem­ber now!” she says. Having moved here from Cyprus 22 years ago, Sonay loves everything the area has to offer. “I am happy here,” she says.

Michael Economou, 56, has lived in Islington since he was three and has worked in the fruiterers on Seven Sister Road for 27 years. He thinks the atmosphere of the area has changed over the years and not necessarily for the best. “Everyone used to know everyone and we played football in the road,” he says. “Now kids are cooped up indoors.”

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