Chelsea's financially-doped achievements null and void

OPINION: Given the sanctions passed on Roman Abramovich, have Spurs now finally won a trophy?

Thursday, 24th March — By Richard Osley

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It is only fair that Chelsea’s silverware in now shared out… 

WE all know that the last time Tottenham Hotspur appear to have been champions of the land was 1961 – celebrating their success in the same week that the increasingly seasoned actor and coffee tradesman George Clooney was born.

I have news, however.

Given the sanctions passed on Roman Abramovich in recent weeks and the government’s acceptance that he should not own a football club, let alone chug hundreds of millions of dubiously obtained money into it, it is only fair for us to consider Chelsea’s financially-doped achievements null and void.

A bit like how you will struggle to name the Tour de France winners who only got to claim their prizes when Lance Armstrong was revealed to be a baddie, you may not realise that this actually means Spurs were, on a fair playing field, the rightful Premier League champions in 2017.

It pains me to say it but Tottenham only lost out to a team which had been subsidised by a man who the government now sees fit to tweet moody images of with the word “sanctioned” stamped across the top.

I mean, that’s kinda bad, isn’t it? When the actual government makes a badman meme of your sanctions.

As the Chelsea fans produced such a sprited protest against the formation of a money-pumped European Super League – the format was vats of cash without any relegation jeopardy – they will completely understand that any trophy won over the last 20 years in this way cannot be allowed to stand.

By all means, Tottenham fans, you can now get the open top bus out now and parade that silverware. It’s yours.

We must remove the ‘how long since Spurs won the league’ ticker count website. They were champs in 2017.

There are other consequences.

Arsenal retained the league title in 2005 for the first time since the 1930s – merci Arsene.

Manchester United actually have two more championships to their name – 2006 and 2010. That’s relevant to the perch politics they have with Liverpool.
There’s good news for Everton, please collect your FA Cup winners medals from 2009.

Bayern Munich do the same for your Champions League victory in 2012 and Manchester City – for now – are the current champions of Europe.

I say, for now – it seems fair enough for Chelsea fans to ask: What about City? Or Newcastle United too.

We will have to see what happens next with their ownerships. Maybe there will be some more trophies to redistribute soon.

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