Concern over park open around the clock

Friday, 4th February

Councillor Diarmaid Ward IMG_5706

Councillor Diarmaid Ward

NEIGHBOURS have reacted with mixed feelings after a trial started on Tuesday to keep a Holloway park open 24 hours a day for six months.

Biddestone Park, off Holloway Road, will now be open throughout the day and night and act as an alternative footpath to nearby Pollard Close, after residents on the estate complained repeatedly of anti-social behaviour such as drug taking and defecation taking place in their estate grounds.

But some residents – who didn’t want to be named after the issue caused tensions between neighbours – say they’re worried that the opening of the park will attract more anti-social behaviour and leave them with an unsafe route to their homes.

Councillor Diarmaid Ward said: “We’ll see how [the trial] goes. If it’s successful we could look at opening the park permanently, but that depends on how residents feel about it. It’s a very difficult issue. I would encourage all residents to get in touch.”

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