Crime falls but reports of people breaching coronavirus lockdown rules soar

Police are receiving calls about groups of people seen contradicting social distancing measures

Tuesday, 31st March 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby


CRIME has fallen amid the Covid-19 lockdown but police in Camden say they expect a spike in anti-social behaviour over the coming weeks and months.

Calls reporting anti-social incidents are already on the increase, Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli told the New Journal.

Many are coronavirus-related with residents in the borough reporting those they see flouting the social distancing measures.

Overall a large chunk of crime has come down but what I think we will see is an increase in calls about antisocial behaviour. People are calling and saying they’re seeing groups of people together,” said Chief Superintendent Kohli.

“It comes under anti-social behaviour but it’s actually a breach of the Covid-19 directions.”

The police chief said emptier streets mean drug dealing has become more obvious for officers to spot and said there is no evidence to show the problem is becoming more prevalent.

Domestic abuse reports currently remain static however, Chief Supt Kohli said the force believes it will increase.

The borough commander said a police analyst has been brought in to study the data of reports of anti-social behaviour over the pandemic period.

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