Cummings: former adviser tells Tribune PM ‘lost the plot’

Strategist behind ‘Vote Leave’ Brexit campaign says Johnson ‘thinks he’s the real victim’

Friday, 8th July — By Anna Lamche


Dominic Cummings: ‘People voted in 2019, hopeful for the future’

THE architect of Boris Johnson’s 2019 election victory said he “feels sorry for the country” following the prime minister’s resignation yesterday afternoon.

Dominic Cummings, the strategist behind the successful Vote Leave Brexit campaign and the Tory 2019 election landslide, said Mr Johnson’s fall from grace represented a wasted opportunity for the Conservatives.

Speaking to the Tribune from his home off Essex Road, Mr Cummings said: “It’s sad that the 80-seat majority had been basically wasted – obviously I don’t feel bad for him because I think he behaved so appallingly in various ways, but I feel sorry for the country.

“People voted in 2019, hopeful for the future, and unfortunately he lost the plot in 2020 and f***ed it all up,” he added.

Mr Cummings said Mr Johnson’s attempt to cling to power in the past week was “partly character as destiny, partly his crazy girlfriend”.

On Twitter he said Mr Johnson had been “ousted by literally the people who ran the Leave campaign”. He described Mr Johnson as someone who “blames everyone else” and “thinks he’s the real victim”, adding he has “[set] up a betrayal story for future Tory conferences and Telegraph columns”.

“We’re all in for a nightmare if he’s allowed to squat,” he said, referencing Mr Johnson’s intention to stay on as a “caretaker” prime minister until the next Tory leader is selected.

Mr Johnson’s resignation signals the end of an era for Mr Cummings, whose road was once so busy with media that it was described as being “like Oxford Circus” in the aftermath of the now-infamous Barnard Castle episode.

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