Cyclist knocked unconscious in third hit and run in five days in Islington

'The poor guy was confused and upset, crying and panicking'

Friday, 27th September 2019 — By Calum Fraser

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Heathville Road in Crouch Hill 

A MOTHER rushed to the aid of a cyclist who was knocked unconscious in a third hit and run in five days.

Kate Baxter was driving up Heathville Road, Crouch Hill, on Wednesday when she suddenly came across a cyclist lying “face down” in the street with “blood pouring down the road.”

Several people rushed to the cyclist’s aid grabbing towels to place under his head and help him off the street.

The scene of the scend hit and run on Saturday 

The 40-year-old said: “The car was nowhere to be seen. The man was unconscious and bleeding quite badly from the head.

“One woman stopped the traffic and another called the ambulance. Someone else grabbed a towel for his head.”

The victim is believed to be in his 60s and his injuries are not life-threatening.

She added: “The poor guy was confused and upset, crying and panicking. He couldn’t remember what happened and didn’t know where he was.”

The ambulance arrived and took the man to hospital while police cordoned off the area.

A police spokeswoman said: “It is believed the cyclist was injured after being involved in a collision with another vehicle which did not stop at the scene.

“Enquiries into the circumstances continue.”

Two other hit and runs were recorded the past week in the borough.

At about 2am on Saturday a driver “deliberately mounted a pavement” and hit a pedestrian outside Highbury and Islington station, the police said.

The victim was taken to hospital where his condition was declared not “life-threatening or life-changing”.

Later that day, at about 10:30pm a woman was knocked off her bike in Fieldsway Crescent. The driver did not stop at the scene.

The woman was taken to hospital where her injuries were deemed to be not life-threatening.

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