Dear Mak, tanks for everything!

Angel club boss’s coffin is carried to cemetery in military vehicle

Friday, 5th March 2021 — By Calum Fraser

Mayuan Mak tank

The tank converted into a hearse which was used for a final farewell to Mayuan Mak this week

A TANK carried the coffin of a legendary Angel nightclub boss through the streets of Islington as he was laid to rest this week.

Mayuan Mak, known to his friends as simply Mak, founded the Electrowerkz venue in Torrens Street, Angel, in the late-1980s which became the spiritual home for goths and punks with its Slimelight club night.

Friends and family gathered outside the club on Wednesday afternoon before a procession followed a tank. It had been converted into a hearse to carry his body up to St Pancras and Islington Cemetery in East Finchley.

Mak’s brother Rohan told the Tribune: “It’s like he hasn’t gone yet, it feels like his spirit is still around. He was a powerful force for good and lots of people have recognised that which means a lot to us.”

Mayuan Mak founded the Electrowerkz venue in the late-1980s

Hundreds of people have paid tribute to Mak since he died in December from a long-term illness, raising more than £12,000 for his funeral service.

The 55-year-old was a cult figure in the club and counter-culture scenes of the past 30 years. In the 1980s he squatted in abandoned buildings and DJed in clubs around London.

On top of this, he was known for tinkering with military vehicles through a scrap metal business he ran from the Angel venue. Over the years he owned a collection of submarines, aircraft and tanks.

Nick Mead owned the tank, a British army 432 armoured personnel carrier previously used in Bosnia, which was converted to carry Mak’s coffin.

Mr Mead, who had known Mak since they both bought humvees left over after the filming of Hollywood hit Black Hawk Down 20 years ago, said: “Mak was a legend. He was a wonderful man and I’ll always miss him.”

There was a slight hiccup in the funeral procession as some of Mak’s family lost sight of the tank during the 45-minute drive up to East Finchley.

Rohan said: “We lost the tank convoy at one of the junctions. We were following them from Angel. You’d think, how on earth can you lose a tank? Unfortunately we didn’t make it on time for the service because the gates of the cemetery were locked up.”

In the end, the service was delayed so that all of Mak’s family could arrive.

Mak’s partner Shay-Anne Aboud penned a tribute to the father of her son Mikkel saying: “Mak is the love of my life. Mak is my soulmate. He will forever remain an angel amongst men.”

Rohan added: “I gave a more relaxed and humorous speech following Shay’s. That I guess was our nature, we were always looking to see the funny side in things. I also got to see my nephew Mikkel for the first time.”

A memorial festival is being planned for after lockdown.

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