Deli customer in smell fracas

Customer told to leave Upper Street store over 'strong perfume'

Friday, 3rd December 2021 — By Charlotte Chambers

A CUSTOMER was kicked out of an upmarket Upper Street deli and threatened with a police intervention if he didn’t leave – after a worker took offence to how he smelt.

In a bizarre video uploaded onto YouTube on Sunday, a shop worker at Superette is shown telling the customer to leave because he is “choking” on the smell of his “strong” perfume.

The worker – who has since been “released” by the delicatessen and offered training in “inclusion and diversity” – is seen getting into an argument with the customer before warning them: “Your perfume is really strong. Can you please leave my workplace – I will call the police.”

The stunned customer, who identifies as non-binary on their YouTube channel, replied: “Call the police? Because of my perfume?”

The worker continued: “Seriously I can’t breathe, can you please leave. This is not discrimination, you smell strong – I’m gonna collapse here.”

The video then shows other shop workers weighing in on the argument – but on the side of the customer and accusing their fellow worker of being “aggressive”.

The owner of the deli, John Long, apologised to the customer and said they had taken “immediate action” in “releasing” the worker, as well as offering training to all staff “to reduce the potential for further harm to marginalised people in the future”.

He added: “Having been made aware of this incident and reviewing the video for the first time, it’s not acceptable for the customer to have that experience from any member of our staff.

“To ensure the safety of our customers and community, we have discussed this matter with our whole team, and while all remaining staff understand the gravity of this issue, we have offered the inclusivity and diversity training to everyone.”

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