Denying Corbyn the whip is undemocratic

Friday, 3rd December 2021

Jeremy Corbyn_August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn ‘was suspended and had the whip withdrawn for telling the truth’

• THE denial of the Labour whip to Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace which brings shame to those currently ruling the Labour Party.

It is the objective of the Labour Party’s hard right, who the press always call “moderates”, to deny him the whip until the next general election so he will be automatically expelled from the Labour Party; which is what this is really all about.

The pretext for the whip being withdrawn, and it is only a pretext, is his statement that the problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party was “dramatically overstated for political reasons.”

When Dame Margaret Hodge said that being a Jew in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn was like being a Jew in Nazi Germany in the 1930s was that not dramatically overstating it?

Was Dame Margaret not herself being anti-Semitic because she was trivialising the suffering of Jews in Nazi Germany?

When Labour produced its code of conduct on anti-Semitism, of which the opening words were, “Labour is an anti-racist party. Anti-Semitism is racism.

It is unacceptable in our party”, this prompted Dame Margaret to shout at Corbyn (expletives deleted) “you are an anti-Semite and a racist!”

It also caused certain Tory-supporting newspapers to state that the Labour Party was “an existential threat to Jewish life”. Was this not dramatically overstating it for political reasons?

The point is Corbyn was suspended and had the whip withdrawn for telling the truth.

Corbyn’s real crime is that he has given a voice to and represented all those who have been excluded from the “political process”, are deemed of no importance, and ignored by “the Blair-Thatcher consensus”: council tenants, housing association tenants, those in private rented accommodation, those dependent on benefits, the low paid, those in precarious employment, the victims of “fire and rehire” and zero-hour contracts, and most of all those communities which have been devastated by deindustrialisation and who were abandoned by Labour under Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair in order to gain the votes of “middle England”.

Examples of the crimes of Corbyn include his calling for rent controls, extending security of tenure to those in the private rented sector, his demanding stronger measures to deal with tax avoidance and tax evasion, and his total opposition to the privatisation of the NHS and his demand that privatisation be reversed.

Corbyn’s greatest crime is his uncompromising opposition to the Tory austerity programme and the appalling suffering austerity has caused.

The denial of the Labour whip to Corbyn is totally unjustified, undemocratic, and an act of contempt to both his constituents and to the membership of the Labour Party.

We must all demand that it is ended immediately.


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