Dessert festival set to be an ‘immersive’ treat!

Friday, 6th May — By Emma Boyle

Dessert Festival

ICE CREAM, cakes and chocolate from around the world will be on show at the London Dessert Festival this summer.

The festival, at the Islington Business Centre from August 12-14, is described as a “multi-sensory, immersive experience within a consumer food festival”.

A spokesperson for the festival said: “There’s nothing else like this for dessert-lovers. It will be a fun day out with friends and family in a beautiful venue. After the pandemic, people want some fun.”

Ice-cream start-up Paletart UK, based in Archway, will be showing frozen treats that are created from scratch and with ingredients sourced from markets and traders. One of the two sisters running the company, Nataly Rincon, said: “We hope local support will help us open our dream ice-cream store.”

Also at the festival will be The Female Glaze, a vegan feminist bakery that sources coffee and cocoa from women-farmers and provides fair working conditions.

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