Disabled woman’s mobility scooter damaged in second fire

Police and fire brigade called out to late-night blaze

Friday, 28th January — By Charlotte Chambers


A DISABLED woman who has had her mobility scooter torched twice has called on the police and the council to catch the person who did it.

Valentina Governi, who struggles to walk, woke up on Monday morning to find her specially-imported scooter in Tufnell Park had been burned.

She said CCTV images show a young woman chatting on the phone and laughing as she set fire to the Italian scooter.

Ms Governi said: “She was dancing and filming herself [as she set fire to the scooter].

“She left and then came back again – maybe because she didn’t think the fire was big enough.”

Police and the fire brigade were called and the fire was put out around 2.40am.

After her first scooter was set alight in 2016, no one was ever caught and she was unable to claim any insurance on it, leaving her £17,000 out of pocket.

A police press officer said there had been “no arrests” but officers had attended and enquiries were continuing

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