Drone used in search for missing moggy Charlie

Desperate owner's aerial view after pet went missing on October 15

Friday, 25th October 2019 — By Emily Finch

Charlie the cat

Charlie the cat is ‘timid’ and ‘doesn’t like to be picked up’

A WOMAN desperate to find her lost cat Charlie resorted to using a drone to try to track down the feline this week.

Louise Cavey, 44, of Trinder Road in Crouch Hill, has been busy every night of the week knocking on neighbours’ doors and handing out fliers after her “wonderful” cat went missing on October 15.

She convinced her friend, who has a drone pilot licence, to help her scan inaccessible spots near her home to help find her female cat with a male name on Tuesday. Sadly, they were unsuccessful.

“Charlie’s always been there for me. It makes me cry just to think how much she means to me,” said Ms Cavey.

She said her cat had helped her cope with the loss of her father earlier this year.

The 16-year-old ginger and tortoiseshell cat with white fur around her neck is “timid” and “doesn’t like to be picked up”.

“She lives on my bed. I only moved into the house where Charlie lived five years ago and she was bullied by her brother then and had no fur. But since then she’s grown such beautiful fur and she’s really taken to me,” she said.

She suspects Charlie may be trapped in an abandoned building nearby or may have wandered near the railway tracks and is lost.

Ms Cavey praised Network Rail, whose worker temporarily stopped electricity on a section of the track by Crouch Hill station and searched for Charlie.

“They were amazing but sadly didn’t find Charlie,” she said.

Anyone with information should contact Ms Cavey on elski2@hotmail.co.uk or phone her on 07986 849088.

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