Finding the good life; Camden Passage characters; and DIY in Chapel Market

Friday, 6th October 2017 — By Helen Chapman

People_John Pendleton

John Pendleton, 59, has lived in Old Street for most of his life and has raised two children in the borough. He says Islington has “everything you need in terms of art, culture, gigs and good pubs – that is what interests me.” John spends his Mondays volunteering at the Islington Museum where he helps research items for exhibits.

Christopher Moss, 45, is the owner of Bags of Moss in Camden Passage and has been for the past seven years. Despite experiencing threats to business from flooding, theft and Brexit, Christopher has recently opened a new shop Moss on the Green. He says the area is “full of characters and has a great atmosphere”.

Jamie Starling, 29, has worked at Chapel Market Building and DIY shop for eight years. He says Chapel Market is “a good environment to work in and has a great community feel. We all know each other here.” He says “business is up and down probably because more people are doing things themselves. DIY is a necessity whereas getting new flooring is a semi luxury which people often live without.”

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