Heartbreak over stolen pet bulldog

Desperate owner fears animal may have been snatched for breeding

Friday, 3rd June — By Charlotte Chambers

Lexie Gomez with Laiyla

Lexie Gomez with French bulldog Laiyla

A DESPERATE dog owner has appealed to the public to help her get her beloved “fluffy Frenchy” back after she was stolen – along with her six four-day-old puppies.

Lexie Gomez said Laiyla was her “baby” who would share her bed with her at night and went everywhere with her.

A nanny, she said the children she looks after are just as heartbroken as her as the French bulldog would always accompany her to work.

“I’ve been missing her so much. This would mean the world to me – I could get my life back together [if she came home]. I can’t eat – it’s messing with me,” she said.

“If anyone knows anything about it, get in touch with the police to get my baby home where she’s supposed to be, because I’m pretty sure she’s scared as well.

“She’s my baby, she’s my company. Ever since she’s been gone I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I’m losing weight. I’ve still got to get on with life but it’s very hard to get on with life.”

Ms Gomez bought the “unique” pet – a new shade of lilac and tan known as “Isabella”, caused by a genetic defect – with all of her savings a year ago.

“I was going through a rough time in my life and I had a little bit of savings and my mum helped me and I ended up buying Laiyla,” said Ms Gomez.

“She uplifted me and got my life back together. When I get home she brings me socks and little toys to say ‘hi’ and gives me little kisses on my hands like, ‘Hi, Mum’.”

She said she helped birth Laiyla’s litter on May 12, but was absolutely devastated to discover just four days later her beloved dog and her six puppies had been taken from her home off Essex Road.

Ms Gomez said she believes in giving her dogs the chance to have a litter to see what motherhood is like, but was adamant that despite Laiyla’s hefty price tag she would not be a “breeder dog” and that she had never kept a dog for money. Puppies can trade for thousands.

“The dogs could be worth two quid – the money is not the thing for me,” said Ms Gomez, who added that she fears the thieves are “just going use her to breed her and breed her – I was only going to let her have this litter”.

She called on the public to get in touch with the police if they have any information.

A police spokesperson said: “On Tuesday, May 17, police received a report of theft after a number of puppies were stolen from a residential property in N1. An investigation is under way and enquiries are ongoing. No arrests have been made.”

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