I feel invisible and helpless but need assistance

Friday, 14th January

• A GROWING concern is the lack of replies and responses that residents get living in Islington.

I have been asking for help and support for many years now, and I am made to feel like I am invisible and worthless.

Housing associations people have to live under, like Newlon Housing Trust, Hyde Housing and Peabody, don’t seem to care about their residents.

They are only interested in making money from rent and service charges, which they use to build more private homes that anyone living in social housing could never afford.

Vulnerable adults get ignored, and you can wait several weeks or months for replies to emails. What choices to solve problems do we have?

The only way something gets done is when you make an official complaint, or go to the local London news companies or newspapers.

People are struggling on low incomes and benefits, and organisations don’t seem to care because it’s not having a real impact on them.

Decisions are made over the phone or even in the comfort of their own homes, as staff are still working from home because of the Covid-19 restriction rules. Whether in the office or at home, there should still be staff to respond to emails etc.

And adult social services is a complete joke. I was supposed to have an assessment in 2017 but never heard a thing.

I contacted them again in 2020 and eventually was assigned a support worker.

She did nothing but belittle me. I tried making official complaints but managers took the side of the support worker.

Islington Council has put up our council tax to help pay for adult social care, so I feel I am still paying for the person who emotionally abused me.

Islington has changed so much but for the worse. It might be good for leaseholders and people who can afford the homes in affordable housing.

But what about those of us who are struggling day by day, not having enough money to eat a hot meal, or warm the damp homes we are forced to live in?

Many rely on food banks and have no contact with family or friends. What happens to us? The answer is nothing, because nobody seems to care any more.


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