Laiyla and her French bulldog pups still missing

Friday, 10th June — By Charlotte Chambers

Lexie Gomez with Laiyla

THE owner of a dog that was stolen with her six four day old puppies has called on the police to step up their enquiries after the pups turned one month old yesterday (Thursday).

Lexie Gomez’s dog Laiyla – a pedigree French bulldog breed worth thousands of pounds – was stolen from her home in Essex Road last month.

Ms Gomez said the police had interviewed her and she has tried to provide evidence of what may have happened but added she has heard little back.

She said: “It feels like they’re not taking it as seriously as they should – she’s not a mobile phone, she’s my dog. She’s my baby.”

A police spokesperson said there was “no significant update” but that enquiries were ongoing.

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