Louis’ song is a big hit at the Emirates

‘The Angel’ is played over speaker system before and after Premier League victory over Leeds United

Friday, 13th May — By Anna Lamche

Louis Dunford

Louis Dunford

THE sound of thousands of voices singing “North London Forever” rang out around the Emirates Stadium, out the roof and across Drayton Park on Sunday as Arsenal tested a possible new matchday anthem.

Louis Dunford’s song, officially called The Angel, was played over the speaker system before and after the Premier League victory over Leeds United.

Fans already knew the words after its viral spread over social media networks TikTok and Twitter. A love letter to Islington, it has a video shot in well-known places like Chapel Market and Caledonian Road.

Mr Dunford, from Popham Street, was in the stadium to hear it played – and then sung back by the supporters. The 30-year-old said he shed a tear when he heard his work played as the players were in a pre-match huddle, while Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta described the tune as “really emotional”.

The Gunners boss said: “I think there is a link with the way the team started because they were making comments in the dressing room, hearing the song with the spirit and the emotion that they did, it was unique.

“I have never experienced that here, it was the first time and I really enjoyed it and I hope that the fans enjoyed it too.”

Writing to his fans on Monday, Mr Dunford said: “I don’t think I’ll ever find the words to describe how I felt yesterday. I’ll never forget what you lot have done for me and this song over the last couple of weeks. You made this possible. Whatever happens – this song belongs to you now.”

The song’s chorus goes: “North London forever/ Whatever the weather/ These streets are my home.”

People living close to the ground said they could hear the singing from streets away.

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