LTN rules are eased for disabled motorists

Changes follow criticism of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods road closures

Friday, 22nd July

LTN protest

A protest against the Town Hall’s ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’

THE Town Hall is relaxing the rules on its “people-friendly streets” policies to give more access to disabled residents.

Islington has faced criticism for pushing ahead with its road closure plans after warnings that people who rely on cars are being penalised in the rush to reduce traffic in back streets.

This week the council said it was extending an exemption policy for blue badge holders.

From now on, a blue badge holder who lives within a “people-friendly streets” neighbourhood – also known as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods or LTNs – can nominate a vehicle that is not registered to the badge holder’s address for an exemption.

As before, blue badge holders can only register a single vehicle for the exemption. This means blue badge holders who regularly use a vehicle belonging to another person – such as a carer – will be able to apply for that vehicle to be exempt from the camera-enforced system.

Environment chief Cllr Rowena Champion said it showed the council was listening to residents over its traffic policies.

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