Lucy Popescu’s theatre news: Kites; Jen Brister; Lost & Found; ROME 3000

Thursday, 28th July — By Lucy Popescu

Message in a clay river

Message in the Clay River

THE 16th Camden Fringe hits north London in August. Herewith some highlights from the first week. For details visit

LipZinc Theatre’s Kites is set in Cork in 1948. Kitty and Angel set sail for the skies, sharing hopes, dreams and sugar sandwiches. Through dress-up and play, they leave behind their broken families and war- time grief, and let their fantasies find wings. 8.30pm, Aug 1-3.

• If Jen Brister has learned anything in the past 18 months, it’s that she’s no good in a crisis. Has the pandemic changed her for the better or is she the same old pessimistic naysayer she’s always been? Find out at the Camden Comedy Club, 8pm, Aug 1-4.

At the Etcetera Theatre, Lost & Found explores the lives of two women living in foreign countries as ethnic minorities. A glamorous advertising job transported Ankita from her native India to Vietnam. Nobby left Japan to go to school in the USA but ended up in the UK. 7.30pm, Aug 1; 9.30pm, Aug 3; 7.30pm, Aug 8.

• Shed Theatre’s ROME 3000 is a post-apocalyptic retelling of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar which combines cabaret and live music. Different languages, countries and identities collide in a dark and visual experience. 7pm, Aug 1-3; 5pm, Aug 6-8.

Fox-Light follows the fortunes of two young lovers infatuated with each other’s beauty. Things turn ugly when the facades they cling to are discarded, revealing dark truths. Barnaby Tobias explores the addictive nature of loving and the responsibility truth brings. 9pm, Aug 4-7.

• At the Hen and Chickens: Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s The Wasp explores childhood relationships and adult mental health and is billed as a tearjerker and a dark comedy. 9pm, Aug 4-6; It’s Not Rocket Science is inspired by interviews with female aerospace professionals from around the world. Eve always knew she belonged in the stars, but those on Earth keep bringing her down. 4.30pm Aug 5-7.

Jagoda Kamov’s The Dumb Man is a response to Aristotle’s Poetics. The main protagonist is trapped in the fantasy world he’s created as a result of the guilt and grief he feels after the death of his wife. Aug 5-6. Inspired by Nigerian mythology, Message in the Clay River follows three Orishas, the spirits that play a key role in the Yoruba religion, who are on a mission to shape the world. Aug 7 and 9.

• A heads-up for Johnny Depp: A Retrospective on Late-Stage Capitalism, starring Jenna Kuerzi. The show takes a satirical look at Depp’s rise and fall and how we, as a society, are responsible for the celebrities we love/love to hate. Aug 9-10.

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