Making money out of motorists made easy!

Thursday, 9th June

Traffic jam

Instant double trouble

• AFTER driving along Green Lanes last month I was sent two separate speeding notices, in two separate envelopes, one informing me that I had been driving at 25mph, and the other informing me that my speed had been 26mph.

The two cameras were half a mile apart. The penalty in each case was a £100 fine plus three points on my licence: therefore £200 plus six points.

I wrote to the police suggesting that these offences were really one and the same offence, but their reply was that if I wanted to challenge the second fine in court I was free to do so; but they didn’t think I would win.

But what if there had been a third camera somewhere between the existing two? Another £100 fine? And if a fourth camera, yet another, bringing the total to £400?

Transport for London is skint, so why stop there? Making money out of motorists – and with many cars driving at 20mph demands constant concentration on the speedometer – was never so easy.

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