Man pinched Cressida Road road sign to give to his partner… Cressida

Middle-aged man's special present was rumbled when a picture was posted on Facebook

Friday, 24th November 2017 — By Joe Cooper

Cressida Road

A FALSE Cressida, as any student of medieval literature will know, is a less than faithful woman who falls for Diomedes after pledging everlasting love to Troilus.

An amateur thief who targeted Archway can only hope that his lover, who shares the name, is not so capricious – after his bid to impress her was foiled by hubris. The middle-aged man, seeking a special present for his partner on her birthday, decided to take one of the street signs from Cressida Road, much to the dismay of residents.

Hotfooting it back to Highgate, the man proudly displayed his prize on Facebook. What he hadn’t banked on was someone seeing it and shopping him to police. When officers made a polite visit to his home, the sign was found in the kitchen and promptly removed. Cressida Road residents are still waiting for the return of the sign, however, while the Town Hall and police negotiate a time to pick it up.

The Tribune heard the tale at a meeting in the area this week, and it was confirmed by Hillrise councillor Dave Poyser. “It’s a nice, lighthearted story among all the moped crime stories we’ve been having,” he said. “Hopefully, the residents of Cressida Road will have their sign back soon.”

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