Market stalls by school may deter ‘illegal traders’

Councillors will decide on Tuesday whether to give the go-ahead to the new pitches

Friday, 3rd December 2021

Islington Town Hall

COUNCILLORS are due to decide next week whether to create new market stall pitches close to a school’s gates in Holloway – in a bid to stop rogue traders from grabbing the spot.

Islington is proposing to designate part of Bowman’s Mews and Hercules Place for this use after finding that unlicensed stalls were tagging onto the regular weekend markets and car boot sales held at Grafton School.

Nuisance behaviour has only been stopped by “high-profile” operations by police and council officers, which cannot be sustained at all times.

“It was hoped that by having a small number of traders located in the street overseen by staff from the market, it would help deter any illegal traders and the market operator would be able to move off any illegal traders, thus relieving overstretched council resources,” a Town Hall report said.

Supporters of the idea say that having stalls there deters unlicensed traders, but opponents fear it will only attract more of them.

A decision is due to be made on Tuesday night.

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