Members of non-religious church raise £20,000 to help pay bills

Monday, 6th April 2020

New Unity Church

MEMBERS of a non-religious church have clubbed together to raise nearly £20,000 in under two weeks and stop the charity going under amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The New Unity Church, based in Newington Green and Upper Street, lost around 80 per cent of its income after the lockdown and social distancing rules meant it could no longer rent out its Upper Street building.

But after a call out by the non-religious church to its members in March, it has been able to raise £19,625 through 65 donors.

Andy Pakula, atheist minister at New Unity, said: “The generosity of New Unity and the wider community over the last few days has been huge, and we’re thrilled to have received so many generous individual donations in such a short space of time.”

Andy Pakula, atheist minister at New Unity

“From the maintenance of our centuries-old Newington Green meeting house to our programme of urgent and pressing social justice campaigns, we have a lot of costs. With each new donation it becomes a little bit easier to celebrate our radical past and guarantee the sustainability of our plans for the future.”

The church now says it can keep basic operations running and plan for its short term future.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so here.

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