Middle East inspiration for library artist Penny

Friday, 17th June — By

Penny Robbins Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 17.43.50

Penny Robbins at her exhibition

IT was while working in a series of Middle Eastern universities that Penny Robbins picked up some of the techniques that have informed her latest exhibition.

Now back in Highbury Fields, Ms Robbins, 82, is showing her work at Islington Central Library.

The pieces on display are a combination of Islamic geometric gouaches and Chinese/Mughal-inspired paintings on Wolsey wrapped textiles.

The paintings range from animals such as toy sheep, to Chinese Loong dragons and opera masks. Her exotic pastiches have been inspired by her time working in both Palestinian and Jewish university libraries, and her visits to Hong Kong throughout the past several decades.

On display until Monday, this is Ms Robbins’ eighth exhibition at the library.

She said she has enjoyed the support of the local community while putting on her work.

Richard Walker, who was visiting the exhibition from Lower Holloway, said: “It’s wonderful there are local artists like Penny.”

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