Mum’s ‘tell me who killed my son’ outburst

Mother of shooting victim tells Archway recording studio owner ‘you’re nothing but a coward’ during face-to-face inquest confrontation

Friday, 16th February 2018 — By William McLennan

David Robinson

David Robinson was shot dead in Archway in August 2016 – no one has been brought to court to face a murder charge

THE mother of a man shot dead at a recording studio has come face-to-face with a suspect who gave a “no comment” interview to detectives and has told him: “You are nothing but a coward.”

David Robinson, 25, was shot four times at Big House Studio 101 in Archway in August 2016, but nobody has been brought to court to face a murder charge.

Police believe there were five witnesses to the shooting, but none of the men has identified the gunman.

A coroner’s inquest at the Old Bailey yesterday (Thursday) brought the studio’s owner, Aaron Williams, to the witness box, where he refused to answer dozens of questions relating to the case.

As part of the procedure, Stacy Bernard, the victim’s mother, was allowed to directly question Mr Williams.

She told him: “As far as I am concerned you are nothing but a coward, because you ain’t saying nothing.

“I thought a man shot my child. Right now I am looking at a two-year-old little boy. If you didn’t do it, then fricking say. At least give me something. Do you want to be branded with the name of David’s murderer? If you didn’t do nothing, I would appreciate it if you said.”

When Mr Williams averted his gaze, she told him: “Look at me. Yes, I look like David. David looks like me. Remember my face.”

She added: “Do you think this is a joke? Do you think it’s funny to leave a little four-year-old girl without a dad. I am sick and I am tired of seeing black people killing black people as if it’s some kind of joke.”

Describing her son, who more recently was known as Dawood after converting to the Muslim faith, Ms Bernard said: “Yes, he had a criminal background, but he had a good heart. He was loved and he is missed by many.”

Mr Williams broke his self-imposed silence to tell Ms Bernard: “I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m a very nice guy.”

She told him: “If you are innocent then do the right thing. If you are guilty then carry on as you are.”

The court heard that her son was shot four times at close range, with a fifth shot missing its target.

Police at the scene of the shooting in Sunnyside Road

Ms Bernard said her son had been “assassinated,” adding: “That was an execution. That wasn’t murder.

“Five shots, one miss. That’s an execution. You are trying to make a point. You are trying to enforce something.”

Senior coroner Mary Hassell told Mr Williams that he could choose not to answer questions, if he felt that doing so may incriminate him in any future criminal proceedings, but that all answers must be truthful.

She asked him: “Do you accept that the likeliest explanation is that you were in the studio at the time David was shot and you did indeed shoot him?”

Mr Williams refused to answer.

Ms Hassell then said: “There is evidence pointing towards you being the person that shot David Robinson. Did you shoot him?”

He again refused to answer and Ms Hassell replied: “So you don’t deny that you shot him?”

Mr Williams refused to answer. He has not been charged with any offence relating to the murder.

The court had earlier heard evidence from three men who had been in the recording studio in Sunnyside Road at the time of the shooting.

They gave police detailed accounts of what happened before and after the shooting, but none was able to help identify the killer.

A fourth man, described as a “lifelong family friend” of Mr Robinson, spoke to police over the phone, but refused to give a statement. Police said his story was corroborated by details from the other three witnesses.

Mr Williams was interviewed by police on four occasions, answering “no comment” to their questions, the inquest heard.

He was the only one to give no account of his actions that night, it was stated.

Detective Inspector Darren Richards said that forensic evidence proved the shooter had been inside the studio. He said: “If we know this to be true, then someone inside that venue has shot David.”

DI Richards added: “In terms of mobile phone evidence, Mr Williams is seen, according to cell site analysis, to be at the scene at the time. After that his phone moves away from the scene shortly after the shooting occurs.”

The court heard that police had twice passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, but it decided to take no further action.

Returning a determination of “unlawful killing,” Ms Hassell said: “I find the evidence of those who were with David not to be convincing, not to be compelling.”

She told Mr Robinson’s mother: “I am sorry the inquest has not achieved more in the way of answers.”

Police, who say the case remains open, have offered a £20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of Mr Robinson’s killer.

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