Nappies, baby wipes, microwaves and phone chargers sent to Whittington staff

Dozens of boxes arrive at Highgate hospital through Amazon wishlist scheme

Monday, 30th March 2020 — By Tom Foot


Some of the parcels from today’s delivery to NHS staff 

DOZENS of boxes of gifts and food were delivered direct to NHS workers at the Whittington this morning (Monday).

The NHS trust has set up an Amazon “wishlist” based on what staff said they wanted and the public can now visit the webpage and buy precisely what they need.

Rushed staff have struggled to get items they need and do not have time to queue-up at supermarkets – while hospitals are advising against random drop-off deliveries to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The packages received today included hard to find nappies and baby wipes, healthy snacks like pots, cereal bars, noodle pots. Coffee machines and microwaves have also been sent in for the staff areas.

Tea bags, coffee, hand cream, lip balm and mobile phone portable chargers were also sent in. Staff are running out of battery as they are letting patients to use their phones to speak to loved ones who can’t visit in person, a spokesman said.

“Donated hot meals, fresh vegetables and even elusive toilet rolls — the support from our community has been incredible. Your generosity has kept us fed and lifted our spirits,” the Whit said.

Today’s delivery to the Whittington

The trust managers added: “Thank you to everyone who has donated items from our Charity’s Amazon Wishlist containing items our colleagues say will make their lives a little easier right now.”

To find a gift to buy a Whittington staff member visit

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