New policies are literally driving the people of London off the roads

Monday, 10th January

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New restrictions are driving the people of London, quite literally, off the road

• BEFORE the October 25 introduction of the ultra low emission zone, I checked with Transport for London concerning that and about the Congestion Charge times.

Imagine my dismay, then, to discover I had to pay a fine (£130, reduced by half if paid within a fortnight), having gone in search of petrol on October 23.

This, it turns out, was in respect of a TFN – Traffic Free Network – imposed, without warning, overnight. So far I’ve not even contemplated what to do about “School Streets”.

This is too much for those of us who need to visit friends and family in isolated country areas, but are unable to exit or enter London.

Most people assume this is simply a “money-making exercise” but, in fact, it is much more unethical.

To cover up the traffic lights on Shepherdess Walk and fine people – without warning – in the run-up to Christmas was an appalling and undemocratic enforcement of draconian measures. This is a clear case of driving the people of London, quite literally, off the road.

As for the recently appearing School Streets, how is anyone supposed to guess where schools are? Or when they’re open or closed due to Covid or special events?

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