Ocado plan puts children at risk

Friday, 24th January 2020

Ocado protest

Children protest against the proposed Ocado depot

Headteachers’ public statement on Ocado proposal at Bush Industrial Estate

• OCADO’S plan for a diesel-fuelled delivery depot in the middle of our community directly threatens the safety, health and academic achievement of the children who we have been entrusted to care for.

Our primary responsibility to these children is to ensure that they are safe, cared for, and are given every opportunity to grow into healthy and valued members of society.

We teach our children ways to keep safe and healthy. Cycling proficiency courses, online safety guidance, road safety awareness, healthy eating sessions, mental health guidance are just a small number of ways that we try to deliver the very best learning opportunities we can.

We also have thorough and robust safeguarding and health and safety procedures embedded within our schools.

Furthermore the problem of air pollution is not a new one to our schools. We have embraced the London-wide agenda to improve air quality.

A number of us have taken part in the School Streets Scheme, regularly encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to school and as a community of schools, have taken various other steps to ensure that the air we breathe at school is as clean as it can reasonably be.

Sadly Ocado’s proposals are not reasonable and obviously undermine and work against all of the steps taken thus far.

There is a wealth of evidence that illustrates the negative impact that diesel fumes have on the physical and cognitive development of children, particularly on the youngest and most vulnerable.

When you add the increased flow of heavy lorries and vans throughout the area and the proximity of secondary school children making their way to and from school to the mix, the potential consequences are worrying indeed.

We, the undersigned, therefore object to the proposals. Ocado are putting the safety, health and achievement of local children at risk.

We request that Ocado do the decent and responsible thing by the children and residents of our community by withdrawing their plans to create a diesel-fuelled distribution depot on the Bush Industrial Estate.

CASSIE MOSS Yerbury Primary School, Islington; NICHOLAS JOHN Acland Burghley Secondary School, Camden; MARTIN SCARBOROUGH Tufnell Park Primary School, Islington; DR PENNY BARRATT The Bridge Secondary School, Islington; KATE FROOD Eleanor Palmer Primary School, Camden; HELEN BRUCKDORFER Torriano Primary School, Camden; CAL SHAW Brecknock Primary School, Camden; BRIAN WELSH St John’s Upper Holloway Primary School, Islington; MITA PANDYA Archway and Willow’s Children Centres, Islington; CLARE MCFLYNN & ANGELA NORONHA St Joseph’s Primary School, Islington.

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