On film: the day that Diana got her car clamped?

Barnsbury street is closed as crews arrive to shoot Netflix hit

Friday, 18th February — By Anna Lamche

clamping van-prop

FILM crews working on a popular drama about the monarchy descended on Barnsbury on Friday amid rumours the production company would bankroll a Platinum Jubilee street party as a “thank you” to residents.

People living in Belitha Villas received a letter from Left Bank Pictures, an independent production company, informing them their street would be closed for filming “a new series of a well-established period drama”. It didn’t take too much thinking to correctly guess it was The Crown being filmed, given the prod­uction company is behind the Netflix smash hit.

A large crew was parked outside No 17 all day on Friday along with a large exterior light and various technical trucks.

“Due to the period nature of our filming, with scenes set in the 1990s, and to help facilitate our filming, we have been granted permission by Islington Council to suspend a number of resident bays,” the company’s letter said.

One resident told the Tribune: “Rumour is it’s all about Lady Diana’s affair and a car being clamped. I’ve been looking out for Elizabeth Debicki. I’ve heard via our communal WhatsApp the production company will fund a street party for the Jubilee.”

While the majority of the shoot took place inside the house, there was also an element of filming in the street.

Another resident said: “I feel very lucky to live on a street people want to film. In our house we think it’s really exciting – it’s very fun. We’ve been looking out the window. We had to move the car, but otherwise it’s been fine.

“The crew’s been really nice, someone came round and talked to us beforehand – but I haven’t seen anyone famous yet.”

Elizabeth Debicki is playing Lady Diana in The Crown. Photo: John Bauld

Another Belitha Villas resident, Simon Elliott, said: “It’s one of those things, if it happened every week it would be quite annoying but last time it happened was about three or four years ago.

“My understanding is the film company has made a donation to the residents’ association. I think the idea is there will be a street party for the Platinum Jubilee and they’ve made a contribution for that.

“We last did that for the Diamond Jubilee [in 2012], it was wonderful, a really lovely event that brought the community together.”

Sasha Gibson, The Crown’s publicist, said a “good donation” had been made, adding: “The residents’ association can do whatever they want to with it – so it’s wholly lovely that they’ve decided to spend it on a Jubilee party.”

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