‘Happy' teen died after falling from window in tragic accident

17-year-old student died after trying to hide her sister’s phone and falling from fourth floor

Friday, 7th September 2018 — By Samantha Booth

Danielle Maragh

Danielle Maragh was a student at Islington Arts and Media School

A TEENAGER died after falling from her fourth-floor bedroom window in a tragic accident while playing a prank on her sister, an inquest has heard.

Danielle Maragh, 17, was in her bedroom when it is thought she was trying to hide her sister’s iPhone out of her skylight window, before falling outside her Crouch Hill home, just three days after her birthday.

Her father, Charles Maragh, saw his window smash on the floor below before running out and trying to save her life.

Islington Arts and Media School student Danielle, who stood for Islington Youth Mayor in 2015, was pronounced dead at the scene on the evening of April 9.

Mr Maragh told the inquest on Tuesday: “She was quite happy in life, she was always doing stuff.

“She loved doing graphic design, she never missed a day of school. She always had lots of friends around. She was a normal teenager really.”

St Pancras Coroner’s Court heard how Danielle and her younger sister would sometimes hide each other’s mobile phones as a game.

Her sister said in a statement that she had left her iPhone 7 on her sister’s bed before going to do the washing-up.

Police officers searched the roof and recovered the mobile in the days after Danielle’s death.

Deborah Maragh, Danielle’s aunt, was in the home’s basement in Ashley Road when she heard glass breaking.

Describing her niece, her statement said: “She was a normal, happy-go-lucky teenager.

“She was happy and planning her 18th birthday. On that night there seemed to be nothing wrong with her. If there was a problem she couldn’t talk to her dad about – she would always to come me.”

A GP confirmed in a statement how Danielle had no record of mental health problems or suicidal thoughts.

Senior coroner for Inner London Mary Hassell said: “It seems to me that all the evidence points in the same direction, which is that she was just playing a prank on her sister that went horribly wrong.

“It was such an innocent joke that she was trying to play and it just led to the most awful consequences.”

She added: “I’m sorry for the loss of such a young life.”

Ms Hassell recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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