Please Morrisons, can we have a pee?

Calls for customers to be given use of facilities after supermarket closed its toilets during lockdown

Friday, 20th August 2021 — By Helen Chapman


Toilets in the Holloway store closed in the lockdown

A PETITION has been launched calling for supermarket toilets in Holloway to be opened amid reports of elderly residents being put off doing their shopping there.

Morrisons in Hertslet Road closed its toilets during the coronavirus lockdown but residents are now asking why they are still shut.

Lynne Friedli, who lives nearby and who began the petition, said: “I started to become concerned because a few people around here say they want to use the shops but feel they can’t whilst the toilets are closed. I spoke to a few people with the same story.

“It was an elderly gentleman who first alerted me to the issue. Older men often need to go to the loo more. Pregnant women need to go. People with young children are worried they will want the loo whilst they are out shopping and with young children you really only have a three-minute window when they need it.

“I started to see there are many dimensions to this and I decided on that basis to start the petition. We want people to feel confident to go out and about in their local community.”

The petition called “We need a pee! Call on Morrisons to reopen Nags Head public toilets” has been launched online and Ms Friedli said she has additional signatures on paper.

“I understand it is not easy to run public toilets,” said Ms Friedli, “Someone said they tend to be misused but that’s a management issue to look after them properly.

“We need a lovely, welcoming public loo and I hope that Morrisons welcome the ideas the community have.”

Morrisons were approached for comment.

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