Purple ‘people’­ mark Elizabeth line launch

Friday, 27th May — By Anna Lamche

Brook Kingsmill Lunn with art from St Mary Magdalene Acadamey_1

Brooke Kingsmill-Lunn, posing with the columns at The Charterhouse

MYSTERIOUS purple figures with trailing skirts could be seen guarding the entrance to The Charterhouse on Monday.

The sculptures were produced by art students at St Mary Magdalene Academy in Liverpool Road to celebrate the opening of the historic Elizabeth line on Tuesday.

The sixth form students, who were just three or four years old when building work on the line began, produced purple sculpted columns to stand at the entrance of The Charterhouse, one of Farringdon’s key tourist attractions.

Students were asked to produce an artwork in the colour purple to match the shade of the new line.

“It’s been fun working on something creative and fitting to decorate the historic Charterhouse nearby in the colour purple,” said Louisa Mair, head of art at the academy.

One of the brothers of Charterhouse, Brooke Kingsmill-Lunn, posed with the columns. Mr Kingsmill-Lunn, 90, rang the Charterhouse bells 70 years ago during the Queen’s coronation.

“The Elizabeth line coming to Farringdon means that more people can discover the rich history of The Charterhouse which includes good relations with both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II.

“We look forward to welcoming more visitors and showing off our wonderful buildings which are still home to a community of older people as they have been since 1611,” said Peter Aiers, Master of The Charterhouse.

The Elizabeth line will run every five minutes between 6.30am and 11pm, Monday-Saturday.

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