Running the city won’t be easy for Sir Keir’s Labour

Friday, 13th May

Watch live_ Keir Starmer addresses the Labour Party conference 49-12 screenshot

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

• IN view of the desperate lives for millions, courtesy of Conservative policies at national and local levels, and in view of the manifest deceit of prime minister Boris Johnson and his motley crew, I welcome Labour winning all three seats in the West End ward with its three splendid candidates, now councillors, and with Labour taking control of the city council.

Of course, things won’t be easy. Look at how difficult Johnson has made life for Sadiq Khan and Transport for London.

I also welcome Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s commitment to honesty and decency, with his preparedness to resign if issued with a police penalty for even a minor lockdown breach.

What a contrast with the ducking and diving, wheeling and dealing, of Johnson!

I wish that I could add a third welcome, namely Sir Keir welcoming Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters back into Labour.

Once upon a time the Labour leadership would accept that some members could be pacifists, some could be concerned about Palestinian rights as well as Jewish, and some could use the term “socialist” with approval.

How things now are shows, I guess, that even a politician committed to honesty and decency may sometimes let political expediency get the better.


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