Sadiq Khan must do better in sorting out the buses

Thursday, 16th June

Bus Cuts Blitz Cartoon_John Sadler

Illustration by John Sadler 

• IT would be a sad irony, and some might say a blatant betrayal, if London mayor Sadiq Khan was to end up doing the bidding of Boris Johnson and go ahead with his plan to cut the 24 and other bus routes, as was reported in the June 9 CNJ.

A betrayal because in his manifesto of 2021 he pledged to “invest in public transport to ensure it is safe, affordable and reliable…”, which played a great part in why he was re-elected.

Throughout his time in office the mayor has brought in some measures to improve transport and reduce pollution, but if these intended cuts by Transport for London are pushed through, it will stand all that good work on its head.

For we know that buses have the lowest carbon footprint per passenger of any form of motoring, as one bus is capable of replacing 55 cars on the road.

The 24 plays a crucial role in the lives of Camden’s residents, whether that’s ferrying people to work, children to school, or just for daily shopping.

But, most importantly, it provides a vital direct link between two major hospitals, the Royal Free and UCLH in Euston.

This is why our member of parliament Sir Keir Starmer, along with Camden Council, must now get involved and ensure these TfL cuts are not implemented.

There is plenty of money sloshing around in the City of London that could be used to help out the mayor / TfL and get over this temporary hardship, just as we the taxpayers bailed out the banks and other financial institutions and helped them get over their crisis.

All that’s required is for the government and mayor to go and ask those banks and institutions to pay their fair share.

We know by looking at other well-run European transport systems, which are government-subsidised, that this government’s idea to try to make public transport pay for itself is a fallacy.

The government has been desperately trying to promote a global Britain when the truth is, at home, we can’t even afford to run a decent transport system.

Queen’s Crescent, NW5

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