Safety must come first at Highbury Corner, a junction cyclists find terrifying

Friday, 9th March 2018

Highbury Corner artist impression

Artist’s impression of how Highbury Corner could look with the western side of the roundabout pedestrianised

• HIGHBURY Corner is a very dangerous junction. And for cyclists like me who often cannot avoid it, it is terrifying.

In 2006, 1,895 other cyclists passed Highbury and Islington tube station every day and in 2016 that number rose to 3,301. However, the number of cars remained roughly the same.

The key benefit of the new design is road safety, something entirely ignored in the letter (Give us respite before we face yet more roadworks, March 2).

The segregated cycling tracks mean far fewer injuries to cyclists. The long-term benefit is that many more residents will get on their bikes and relieve pressure on public transport.

The letter infers that the design has “too much provision for cyclists”. Heaven only knows what that means; too many, too wide, too long?

The biggest, long-term risk is that cycle tracks won’t be wide enough to cope with demand during commuter hours. So, in theory the idea of having “flexible [cycle lanes] according to need during the day” is great, but nothing like that appears in the current Transport for London cycling design standards.

Yes, congestion will probably be made worse by the new design, at least temporarily, until 1,000 more people give up trying to drive into central London. But there’s congestion on many Islington streets at different times of the day.

We need organisat­ions like the Islington Society to lead discuss­ion about what we do about it. What does the Islington Society think about the decline in bus passenger numbers, the massive increase in private hire vehicles on our roads, the school run, the growth of online shopping and does it support calls for traffic reduction and road pricing?

Highbury Grove, N5

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